Bug Sweep Austin Tx

Bug Sweeping Austin Tx

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Austin Tx Bug Sweep | TSCM

Bug Sweep Austin Tx

Austin Investigations retired military and police investigators are available to provide professional bug sweeps for residences, vehicles, businesses, or law firms.  We have years of experience conducting search warrants and use the same equipment that governmental agencies use to protect our clients privacy from illegal intrusion.  When conducting our bug sweeps we can detect any type of hidden device.  If you believe that you are a victim of illegal surveillance call us for a free consultation.  Bug sweep Austin Tx – Professional, local, and trusted since 2005.

Bug Sweep Austin Tx TSCM

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GPS Tracker Bug Sweep

Our investigators use their training, and the very best equipment, to assist our clients with gps tracker bug sweep detection. Whether it’s your personal vehicle, or a company car, it is a common case type to utilize bug sweep services on vehicles.  Call for a free consultation on our counter surveillance services involving GPS trackers.

Austin Tx Bug Sweep

GPS Tracker Bug Sweep Services Austin Tx

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Austin Tx

  • Our technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps are done with equipment manufactured both in Israel and the United States.
  • Experienced investigators bring years of experience to your case.
  • We use the same equipment federal agencies, and law enforcement, use to protect your privacy.

Corporate Espionage

Corporate espionage can be conducted by a disgruntled employee, or your business competitor.  Our TSCM searches have uncovered hidden recording devices, remote cameras, and live transmission devices powered by cell phone cards.  Let our experienced investigators protect your privacy from corporate espionage.

Private Investigator Austin Tx Bug Sweeps

Wifi Pinhole Camera Inside Painting

Bug Sweeping Austin Tx

Radio Transmitter Audio Bug